Celebrating Diversity one Dance at a time!

  • Make sure you have access in advance to necessary props and costumes for each lesson and/or performance
  • Make sure you know, the cultural history, geography of each country/music/dance you represent to teach the kids. If applicable be bilingual in classes.
  • Provide program coordinator with weekly lesson plans regarding Diversity Dance if applicable.
  • Bring Cell phone. iPod, iPad and /or sound system and all connections/cables needed.
  • Be at least 10 minutes before class start. Must start on time.
  • Hashtag AmorandHeritagedance and afterschool programs on al social media
  • You are representing Amor and Heritage, any future events that are derived from our contacts and programs are Amor and Heritage events; Instructors must not use Amor and Heritage events to promote their individual events and classes.
  • Attend necessary trainings and or staff meetings and maintain and comply with SACC standards, Amor and Heritage and Afterschool’s manual and additional protocols.
  • Instructor will maintain regular contact with MarCe Zerrate to verify and maintain schedules and performances. Email or text summary of class after each class.
  • Take photos and videos of classes for promotion and social media.
  • Coordinate at least 3 annual performances for the children from each class.
  • Send hours one week before the end of month to receive payment.
  • Above all, be kind, positive and have fun!

Modification, Termination and Review

No part of this agreement will be modified without the agreement of the parties involved, nor will any modifications be binding unless signed by both parties. Not to be copied or shared. Property of Amor and Heritage. Confidential Information. @Amor and Heritage

Diversity Dance Instructors  Only

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