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We create and celebrate to road back and forward to our traditions and cultures, so our future generations are proud of their heritage and continue the celebration...

MarCe Zerrate, BA, MBA and Dancer

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Our founder

Amor and Heritage 

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nine Volunteers will go to Colombia, South America in 2019, to bring school supplies to a village where kids have to walk two hours to get to school. 

Celebrating diversity is my passion and I love working and sharing with so many talented and kind people this unconditional love for tolerance and kindness, and to have great collaborations in our community to spread that message to our youth, makes our community a great place to be! 


We are welcoming new dancers and Instructors.

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Our History

Andrea Bruno
Our right hand makes sure we are where people need us to celebrate diversity with dance!

Scot Sandel
Our treasurer ensures our number are up to date and increasing those number digits! 

Celebrating Diversity one Dance at a time!

MarCe Zerrate

Executive Director never stops smiling because she works with great people and loves working... to much!

our Team

MArCe Zerrate

Laura Alexander
Spends his free time taking notes to help us always remember to be better at what we do! 

2012 - MarCe founded Amor and Heritage Inc. A non-profit dedicated to celebrate diversity through dance and educations.  

2013 - MarCe is Awarded as a 40 under 40 Latino rising star NY State. and receives 
*Certificate of merit from New York State. 
*Certificate of recognition for contribution to the arts and culture in WNY by ASI and DEC grant. 

2014 - Represented WNY at the New York state council of the Arts DEC conference in New Paltz. NY.
 *Selected as a Making a Difference individual for the TV program with WNED/WBFO will air in 2015.

2015- 2018 received proclamations by the Buffalo City Council as recognition for celebrating diversity through folkloric dance